How we work


Our cabinet painting process typically unfolds as follows:


  • Removing hardware – Homeowners often choose to replace cabinet hardware when they are having their cabinets painted or stained. If you are keeping your existing hardware, we will store it carefully and securely with all fasteners.
  • Sanding – Cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be lightly sanded with fine-grit sandpaper. All sanding dust will then be cleared away.
  • Cleaning – We will thoroughly clean your cabinets with a special solution that prepares the surfaces for paint.
  • Repeat – We repeat the sanding and cleaning process to your cabinet face frames and boxes.
  • Taping and protecting – All surrounding surfaces will be taped off and drop cloths will be installed around the entire kitchen.


  • Prime – A coat of bonding primer will be applied to all surfaces
  • Paint Application – Depending on the paint color, 2-3 coats of interior enamel-alkyd paint is smooth rolled onto the cabinets. Each coat is given ample time to dry before lightly sanding and removing any dust.
  • Filling in the gaps – Gaps at the seams and are filled and smoothed.
  • 2nd and 3rd coat – A second, and possibly third coat is applied (with light sanding between and after each coat).
  • Doors and drawer fronts – Door and drawers are taken off-site where they are sprayed in a clean environment.


  • Install – All doors and drawer fronts are brought back and reinstalled.
  • Clean up! – After everything is put back together, we clean up and get out of your hair. You can now enjoy your beautiful, updated kitchen
  • Take care! – It is very important that care be taken for the following 3-4 weeks after installation.
  • Care instructions – We will be sure to leave you with cabinet care instructions and a jar of touch up paint.


• The entire process usually takes between 5-7 business days, (aprox. 5 hours each day), but varies from job-to-job.
• You do not need to be home while we work.
• You are free to use your kitchen during this entire process.
• We will be sure to leave you with cabinet care instructions and a jar of touch up paint.

Need a quote?

Please text or email the following information to us. We will respond within 24-48 hours:
• Your name, address and phone number.
• The number of cabinet doors and drawer fronts in your space.
• Please include a few photos of your room/cabinets.
• Let us know what paint color you have in mind, or if you will need our help choosing the perfect color.
• Please include any additional information that we may need.

TEXT: (615) 424-5462